Helping Your Construction Clients With Year-End Tasks

Year-end is a hectic time for everyone — especially the construction industry — and many clients turn to their CPAs for help and guidance. So what can you as a CPA do to help your clients with year-end tasks?

Join us for a free webinar to go over everything you need to know to help your construction clients simplify year-end:

  • Job Cost and G/L Reports: Auditing and Matching: G/L by Job Report, Job Cost/Estimate by Cost Class Report
  • Job Cost Reports: Income by geographic area, schedule of completed contracts, closing jobs, Over/Under Billing Report
  • Sub-Ledgers and the General Ledger: Correcting A/P and A/R aging differences, writing off items to bad debt, and verifying A/R billings to income accounts on the G/L
  • Year-End Payroll Reports: Earnings and Deductions Report, Wage and Tax Report, and P/R taxes with limits reporting
  • Year-End Close: Verifying information, journal entries and performing the close

CPE Credit Available: 1 unit

What CPA DEMO: Helping Your Construction Clients With Year-End Tasks
When Dec 17 2019 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EST)
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