Mobile Payroll from Jobsite to Corner Office

In just 30 minutes we’ll take you from the jobsite all the way to the executive reports to show you how with FOUNDATION data can move seamlessly from the field through the system without redundant entry.

We’ll look at how FOUNDATION mobile® captures and manages labor hours from your mobile device, including optional PM approval processes before submitting to the office.

You’ll see how you can automate prevailing wage and fringe rates based on job and trade, as well as how FOUNDATION automatically allocates labor to your job cost structure to save you time.

Finally, we’ll see how you can easily generate certified payroll reports (WH-347 and state-specific forms) using your native payroll data and view high-altitude executive reports in easy-to-read, colorful graphs and charts.

What SALES DEMO: Mobile Payroll from Jobsite to Corner Office
When Jul 23 2019 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
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